Please comment on any of these rides for those who might like to know more about them if they are considering participation.

Muskogee Flower Power  April 26

RideEvents include 10, 15, 38, 68 and 100 mile bike rides. Held in conjunction with the city’s month long Azalea Festival celebration.
Tulsa Tough  May 31-June 1 
(a misnomer!)  It’s not tough, but the criterium races attract some really top notch riders that are fun to watch after you get back into town from riding.   Various distances are available in this two-day ride.  I rode the metric century in 2007 with Lori from Tulsa and we had a great time. 
Oklahoma FreeWheel   June 8-14
The 425 mile road tour across Oklahoma in its 30th year!   This will be my first year to ride.
Joplin, MO The 2nd “Mo Bettah” Tornado Alley 110  July 12
Wichita Falls, TX  Hotter ‘N Hell 100  August 23 
Which sometimes lives up to its name, and sometimes doesn’t!   When I rode in 2005 it was windy, but not hot.  However, last year I hear it was a scorcher.
Pryor Dam JAM    Sept. 6
A great ride for the locals to showcase what good roads are available.  Four distances are possible:  35, 50, 75 and 100 miles.  Last year is was the first rainy year I can remember.  Usually the weather is wonderful.  Jim and Marie Beach and Pryor Area Chamber of Commerce doing a wonderful job, and the rest stops are the best you’ll find. 
Tour of Missouri  Sept. 8-14
The first professional weeklong tour (only the third state in the nation to sponsor a tour) was held last year.  Tour de France 2007 Champion Alberto Contador rode this tour along with the Tour de Missouri Champion George Hincapie.  It’s the closest you’ll get to the European style bicycle racing without cross the pond.  You can actually feel the vacuum created by the pelaton when it goes by.  I’m glad I went last year, and I’m going back this year as a volunteer.  Of course, I yelled, “Go Discovery.”  Sadly, we can’t yell that anymore! 
Claremore Dickens of a Ride October 4
Last year’s site….details on ’08 coming soon.  This ride was a surprise, and the end of it lived up to its name, right Wayne?