Sorry I haven’t responded earlier to your posts, but I’ve been up in the cold and snow in Missouri for the past week.  I had to use my 4×4 to get home today.   No way could I have ridden a bike up the hill in all the snow and ice.  However, about 20 miles south of our place at the Lake of the Ozarks, I saw a bicyclist all decked out in his cold weather gear…a neck warmer and “nose mitten” riding on a two-lane highway.  He looked cold…and then I thought of Glen Woods and his “never too cold to ride” theory.

In support of Glen and his cold weather training….don’t let him fool you.  Glen is tough (and just a little bit crazy).  He does the 24-hour endurance racing….and he trains for triathalons….seriously!   I won’t mention names, but I know a guy who rode with Glen once and ended up puking on the side of the road in a effort to keep up (which he couldn’t do).  So word of warning….Glen is fast, and he’s “tougher than wang leather” (as my dad used to say).   I think I’ll wait for warmer weather.

Speaking of warmer weather….it’s time to get your bike road ready.  If you don’t turn your own wrenches, get your bike to your favorite bike repair guy for its annual maintenance check.  Some of us have as much invested in our bikes as some people have in wheels with motors…so we want to take care of the machinery. 

 If you’re looking for someone to help you get your stuff road ready, please let me make a recommendation if you don’t already have someone you trust to work on your bike (that is until Wayne Richardson quits his day job and opens his own Pryor bike repair business).  Tom Brown at Tom’s Bicycles is a great guy.  Here’s his website.

I like Tom because he wants his customer to be happy and he’ll work hard to make sure that happens.  Plus he supports Dam J.A.M, Freewheel, Tulsa Tough and other bike events.   Often he’s the only bike repair guy at a ride.  In other words, he actively supports the bike community with his time and talents.   If you have other recommendations, feel free to make them.

Bob W reminded me of a cold, wet bike adventure he and his lovely bride, Cathy, and I took on the Katy Trail a few years back.   We had some rainy weather, and he thought I should include a fuzzy photo he took of me modeling the ultimate rain gear.   Basic black is the way to go!