How many of us got that bike out last Saturday for the first time in awhile?  Beautiful day….70 degrees…sunny.  Put a little air in the tires.  But we live in Oklahoma so it was….Windy!  On my east and west legs I was crabbing into the wind like an airplane.  Northbound was horrid, but southbound was glorious.  I would have sailed to Kansas if I didn’t have to walk back.

Here’s a swig out of the waterbottle to Spring, which I know has to be right around the corner.  

Here’s info on two local April spring rides you need to know about.  I’m going to try to ride both, so if you want to ride along, you are more than welcome.  If more than one or two brave souls say they want to go, we’ll arrange a caravan!  Just let me know in the comments and we’ll make some arrangements.

April 19  Tour de Tick  15, 35, 65 and 100 miles  Neosho, MO (about 1.5 hours away)  I looked all over for a Tour de Tick website.  If anyone can find it, please let me know.  Otherwise I have some phone numbers if anyone is interested.

417-389-7242 Tim or Cheri

April 26  Osage Prairie Tour in Parsons, KS  (Up the road from Vinita a piece!)

I’m adding some links this week also.  kansascyclist is a great place to learn about rides.  Check out the events section where rides in a five state area are listed.  The Dam J.A.M gets second billing in the Oklahoma listing.

Get out there and ride!