Trisha Armstrong (no relation to Lance that I know) sent this link this week.  It’s worth a watch!

I certainly don’t have the right to make this official pronouncment, but today was my first “longish” ride of 2008, so it must be bike season. 

If you haven’t already…get out there and ride as soon as it stops raining this weekend.

Check out the Comments section.  Glen has a rebuttal to my statement that he’s crazy…and he also has some valuable information for anyone interested in bi and triathalons.  He’s our guy for this type of info.

Wayne talked me into riding today.  We went 32 miles…22 of which seemed to be directly into the wind…actually only 10 was probably into the wind, but a stiff crosswind can push me around pretty good.  Coming back from Locust Grove on Highway 82 was “great,” in the words of Wayne.  We increased our average mph quite a bit with the help of a stiff tailwind.   The “chiller” lake effects cooled us down quite nicely as we crossed Lake Hudson.  Highway 20 is bad…even for bike riders…it’s so rough on the right lane and the shoulder that we opted for a shortcut to avoid being vibrated to death by the rough surface of the road. 

If you have favorite routes of any length you’d like to share, please feel free to comment, as some of us get tired of riding the same way all the time. 

And I think the PACE bikers need to have a bike ride/pot luck picnic soon.  When I get a date, I’ll let everyone know.  

Congrats to our Kansas biking friend Gill Armstrong (also no relation to Lance, we think) for finishing 3rd  in the Expert Women’s class in the Midwest Fat Tire Championships held last weekend in Kansas City.  I saw pictures, and it was sunny, but muddy! 

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