“It wasn’t supposed to rain this much!” a rider said at the Optimist/Octagon Clubs rest stop at Wickliffe on Saturday at the Dam J.A.M.   But those smoothies that Pam Devers and her friends make up there can take the sting out of the rain drops

We have had such great weather for many Dam J.A.M. rides that we are a bit spoiled.  Many riders came to a “decision point” at the first rest stop, sponsored by Century National Bank, and cut their ride shorter due to the weather.  I know I opted for the 50 instead of the 70 mainly because I don’t like thunder and lightning when I’m on the bike.  Around 11:45, (about the time I had a front flat) the sun broke out and the weather cleared for the rest of the ride.   Despite the weather and the flat, we had a great day. 

Here’s a link to Troy Juzeler’s blog with his photos of the event.  He’s a “lifer” when it comes to riding the Dam J.A.M., and it’s riders like Troy who come back year after year that prove the Dam J.A.M. is a quality event that should make Pryor proud.


Thanks to the Pryor Chamber of Commerce and volunteers, all the sponsors, Jim and Marie Beach, rest stop participants, safety and medical support and SAG drivers who make the ride possible.  Pryor is known statewide for putting on a great ride.   And I’m very partial to the Xi Zeta Pi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi that sets up the MASH unit at the top of Pumpback Hill.  Great job again…

Congrats to Tracy Johnson and Glen Woods on their finish in the Ironman Louisville.  Traci completed the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run in 15.39.45.  Glen finished in 16.44.22.  The temp on the course was 95, the swim was in the river with a current, and there were lots of hills on the bike.  Glen says that he saw lots of people in “dire straits” on the course. And he says, “It sure was great to hear  ‘Glen Woods, You are an Ironman!'”

Also, please keep Traci’s step-daughter Shiloh in your thoughts and prayers as she is still hospitalized as a result of the E coli outbreak.

Don’t forget to get ready for Dickens of a Ride in Claremore on October 4.  Here’s the registration website.  http://www.downtownclaremore.org

And if you are new to bike touring, you might not be familiar with a great resource, the Adventure Cycling Association, a non-profit that promotes bicycle riding and touring.  Here’s their website:  http://www.adventurecycling.org 

 You can become a member of this organization or subscribe to Bike Bits for free.  Just click on the Bike Bits link. 

And to close…here’s the bike quote for this posting.  See you on the road.

Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling.  ~James E. Starrs