Greetings PACE People,

Gotta love this wonderful weather…it’s perfect for racking up some mileage before the cold makes it less than comfortable for most of us.  I hit 1300 miles last week for the season…Jane has 500 under her tires.  Let us know how you are doing!

First we’ll start by promoting the Dickens of a Ride in Claremore on October 4.  You’ve seen the website posting on previous entries on this blog, but I encourage you to “ride close to home,” and take advantage of this opportunity.  It’s a well supported ride, moderately hilly, but the hills are rollers, so most are quite enjoyable. 

Pryor is hosting the Mud Run on Sept. 27…that’s this Saturday.  I would love to do this, but unfortunately I’m going to be out of town.  I hope someone will represent the PACE group and get out and roll around in some Pryor mud.

Next, we’re happy to report that Pryor’s triathletes have been at it again.  Here’s Glen Woods email reporting the results.

“Yes, I know that it has only been 3 weeks since IM Louisville and we are insane for doing it, but we just had to go prove ourselves at Redman.   Traci Johnson did a PR of 15:11:06 for her Redman Iron distance( including her 6 minute drafting penalty).   

I turned in a PR of 16:05:44, and I was a good boy and did not get in trouble like Traci did 🙂  

Cheyenne Woods did her 1st 1/2 IM at Redman with a time of 8;55:37 and got an age group win.  She and I were given the “Inspirational Athlete Award” at the awards ceremony the next morning and I am sure that I sounded like an idiot accepting it.  

Overall a wonderful weekend!  I do not know why more people do not do this sport!”


We thank Glen for keeping us updated on our Pryor Tri’s.

And last but not least…I volunteered at Tour of Missouri two weeks ago.  What a terrific event and a great opportunity for cycle racing enthusiasts to see the “Big Boys” up close and personal.  For those that didn’t follow, Christian Vandevelde, Team Garmin-Chipolte won the overall and his team placed first also. 

Christian Vandevelde

Christian Vandevelde


He placed fifth at the Tour de France this year and with his second place at Tour of California and third at Tour of Georgia, he finished as this year’s champion of the USA Professional Cycling Tour. Christian’s career includes racing as a domestique with my man Lance back in the days of the U.S. Postal team.   He’s paid his dues and it’s great that he won this event.

But I must admit that I was pulling for Team Columbia….with members of the late, great Team Discovery.  George Hincapie, probably the most prolific rider besides Lance was also a domestique for him and a team mate of Vandevelde for U.S. Postal for seven years.   The fans get autographs and snap photos, “up close and personal,” and that was SO cool!

George Hincapie
George Hincapie

And speaking of Lance, you’ve probably heard that he’s coming back!  Many of us Lance fans are very excited.  He said in a Vanity Fair piece that while he was training and riding in the August 9 Leadville 100, a grueling mountain bike event, he decided he wanted to come back.  While most other people are throwing up and gasping for air at this event due to the 4000 foot climb to 14,000 feet, he was thinking about how he loves the sport!   Cycling News reported that he’ll probably come back for Team Astana, but that is speculation.  He could form his own team for his cancer awareness.  Regardless of the reason, I think if he wins an 8th Tour de France in 2009 at the age of 37, it would be awesome.  Can’t say that some of the guys on the international racing tour are as thrilled! 

Get out there and ride…..and here’s the bike quote of the posting.


Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia.  ~H.G. Wells