We can hope!

The weather sure looks promising this week if the rain holds off.  So it’s time to think about getting that bike out, if you haven’t already. 

Everyone is invited to join in the local Pryor weekend “called rides” that we enjoy during good weather.   The “skinny tire” riders regularly hit the road on Saturday mornings (earlier as it gets hotter) and the leisure “fat tire” group ride on Sunday afternoons.  Pick your group, or go both times.  You won’t be dropped, but keep in mind that the fast group averages between 15 and 20 mph depending on wind and terrain, while the Sunday riders like to smell the flowers.  Check your email on Thursdays for possible called rides.  This weekend we’ll look at the forecast and I’ll send out a notice on Thursday with times and meeting places.

Additionally, after daylight savings time starts this weekend, we may have weekday evening called rides, weather dependent.  Wayne is going to try to do a warmup ride this Thursday evening around 5:15 for about an hour.  If you are interested, meet him at 5:15 at the Rec Center main entrance. 

In other local ride news…….

First Claremore called ride is Tuesday, March 10 at 5 p.m.  Meet at Bike About in Downtown Claremore.  The Claremore group is like ours, a loose organization of like-minded bike types who just want to ride.  We are all invited to join in.  Janice Whittaker at Bike About Bike Shop in Claremore is my contact.   They are also establishing a blog.  Here’s the link for those who might be interested. 



A group of Claremore mountain/trail bikers and the City of Claremore are working on a single track trail near Claremore Lake.  Last week Janice sent out email asking for trail groomers and volunteers as the trail is complete.  If you are interested in working on this trail, or would like more info on the trail, contact Matt Mueller at his email.  mmueller@claremorecity.com 

Directions to the trail are as follows:  At Claremore Lake off of Blue Starr Road, take 4180 Road North.  The trail is just past the low water dam. 

And I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention two upcoming local biking events.  Having ridden both of them, I highly recommend them both.

FLOWER POWER Bike Ride     April 25     Muskogee     Distances:  10,15,38,68,100

This ride is held in conjunction with the Azalea Festival and stages at Honor Heights Park.  It’s a terrific ride, covers some very scenic terrain and the food, music and refreshments at the end of the ride are worthy of the effort.  Here’s an email contact for the ride.  There doesn’t seem to be much up on the website yet. 

Phone : 918 684-6302  
Email Address : joel@muskogeeparks.org
Web Address : muskogeeparks.com

TULSA TOUGH                May 29,30,31     Downtown and West of the River, Tulsa       Distances:  Check website

I’ve ridden the tour portion of this event with some Pryor, Broken Arrow and Kansas friends the past two years.  Last year the weather was pretty rugged (it was Tulsa Tough!) on Sunday, but we dodged the hail and tornadoes.  At least some of us did.  I think Bob got in the middle of the hail and it damaged his brain!  I rode through about a foot of flood water though….I had a flat on the Arkansas River Bridge less than a mile from the finish!   Jim Beach rescued me from having to walk back across the bridge.  The criterion racing downtown all three days draws some of the best racers in the nation.  It’s great fun to watch.    We’re very lucky to have an event of this caliber this close! 

Check out the website and get this one on your calendar.


If you have info on upcoming rides or other comments or information, please feel free to use the comment section.

And, of course, we’ll close with a bicycle quote until next time. 

The bicycle is a former child’s toy that has now been elevated to icon status because, presumably, it can move the human form from pillar to post without damage to the environment.
Brock Yates