Well, we’re in the Deep Throws (that’s Throws not Throats!) of Summer.  Don’t you just love to hear those tar bubbles on the pavement pop when you squish them?   However,  the 90 degree temps just don’t feel like the typical scorching, wring-your-shorts-out, type summer days we experience in July here in Okie land.   So there’s no excuse not to get out there and ride.    Here’s the update on upcoming opportunities. 

I’ll start first by promoting a really exciting local event…….

Aug. 8  Family Triathlon Day, Pryor Creek Recreation Center.   We are celebrating Pryor’s triathlete Traci Johnson’s lucky lottery draw in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  Pryor’s first tri event is a beginner event so that anyone older than 12 can participate, and you don’t really have to train for this type of event.  Yet, participants will be able to say they did a triathlon!  We’ll swim (or dogpaddle) four laps in the Rec Center pool, then ride 8 miles on the bicycle, then run 1 mile.  The whole idea is to introduce lots of people to the sport and have some fun.  Younger children can participate in the duathlon which means kids on tricycles and bikes and a short run.  And we’ll have an obstacle course and Jupiter Jump also.  Entry forms are still available at the Rec Center, or comment on this blog, and I’ll send one to your email address.    You can participate an an individual, or as a team with each member doing one part of the triathlon.  It’s going to be fun, so come join us!

Sept. 12  Dam J.A.M.  Pryor   It’s happening again…the 17th year for the ride that draws cyclists from all over the place because it’s such a great opportunity to see Northeastern Oklahoma.  Our reststops are the best, (smoothies at Wickliffe and the MASH unit at Pumpback) the roads are great, the door prizes are terrific.  Now if the weather will cooperate this year, we’ll have the total package.   Come join Jim and Marie Beach (that’s the J.A.M. part) and the Pryor Chamber of Commerce in Whitaker Park as they send us on our way. 


Other area rides…………………………………….

Aug. 15  Phil Svitak Freedom Ride in Joplin.  (Just an hour and 15 away from P Creek.)    This charity ride benefits the Philip Svitak Memorial Fund which provides bikes for children of military families at Christmas.  Phil was killed March 4, 2002 in Afghanistan.   He was a Joplin native and an avid cyclist.  Register online at http://www.rufusracing.com

Aug 28-30  Hotter ‘N Hell in Witchita Falls, TX  Everyone should ride this at least one in their cycling lives. 


Sept. 5  Gorilla Century in Pittsburg, KS  Part of Little Balkan Days in Pittsburg, choose from three distances.  Little Balkan Days is a big deal.  Football game at Pittsburg State, bands downtown with a street dance, carnival, golf tournament, quilt show and bunches more.  Sounds like they whole town is partying down.  Visit http://www.tailwindcylists.com for more info.

Oct. 3 Yellow Brick Road Ride in Wamego, KS   Our K-State blog reader Claire wants to spread the word on this ride.  http://www.wam-sag-man.org/yellowbrickroadride.php    She swears we’ll love riding near Manhattan and that the terrain is NOT like Western Kansas.  It’s a good cause!

Weekly rides

Local rides every Tuesday and Thursday evening begin at 5:30 at Bike About in downtown Claremore.  Tuesday is the challenging group 20-30 miles with hills, and Thursday is the Leisure Group.  They welcome all cyclists. 

Ride reports

Several of us rode in Joplin at Tornado Alley two weeks ago.  The ride was good, great terrain and very good support, but the distances were way off.  The 50ish ride was more of a 40ish ride which left me finishing really early and wishing I’d done the 70….note to self for next year. 

Blackberries and Old Dogs

Blackberries were good this year.  There’s still a few out there.   You’ll just have to find your own patch, but any roadside in Mayes County will yield bushes if you look.   The NBC’s (Neighborhood Bike Chicks) did some recon and then a week later, we donned the Deet and gathered a few.  Cobbler is really good when you work for the fruit! 

Jane and I have both been accosted by the same aging canine out in True Acres.  He was barking his head off at us last week and I stopped to try to “talk sweet” and calm him down.  He walked right up to me, clamped his aging chompers on my left foot while it was still clipped in, applied moderate pressure, then he let go.  I was shocked!  He didn’t really hurt me…just sent a message.   Jane reported a similiar incident.  Yesterday when he went by, he didn’t even give us the time of day.  Mayes County certainly seems to have an abundance of dogs.  We kicked in the afterburners a week ago when two fisty mutts decided to chase us for almost a section west of town. 

If you have cycling info to report, please use the comment section.  And if you want to buy, sell or trade equipment, check out the link at the top of the page. 

Until next time ………….

“You never have the wind with you – either it is against you or you’re having a good day. ” ~Daniel Behrman, The Man Who Loved Bicycles