The first signs of Fall are upon us.  The cooler mornings invite us to commute via bicycle rather than car.  The open road beckons as the summertime traffic is replaced by predictable school hour travel.  You can ride every weekend in a sponsored ride if your schedule permits.  It seems that in the fall, we get our bike groove back.  

So..celebrate fall. It’s time to get out and ride before the ice storms hit.   (I’m not borrowing trouble here, just being realistic based on our two-year weather history.)

Contained in this post is an update on events past and future and hopefully some info useful and otherwise.

Events Past


Kudos to our Broken Arrow and Kansas readers (Mike, Claire..anyone else what to ‘fess up?) who did Hotter ‘N Hell in Texas in August.  Admittedly it was not hotter than hell this year.  But the free beer was still there at mile 96, so what’s not to like.  Send photos if you have them.

Dam J.A.M.

It was cloudy, cool, but it didn’t rain.  Rest stops were primo once again.  Those smoothies at Wickliffe are worthy of pedaling those hills…and, of course, the MASH unit is always a hit at the top of Pumpback.   This year, the RedNecks made their first appearance at the first rest at the Y.  The costuming was terrific.    Plus, I did have my required peanut butter cookie at First Christian/Presbyterian at the Golf Course.  I scored the recipe this year!  Thanks Lois.  And congrats to Bill M and Steve W on their first Dam J.A.M.  They’ll both be back for more next year I’m sure.  Jim, Marie, the Pryor Chamber and a cast of volunteers do a wonderful job every year.  We are SO lucky to have this event in our backyard. 

  Check out photos here….you’ll see a bunch of people you know…including YOU!

Premier Racing  TOUR OF MISSOURI

Okay…next year you HAVE to make the short trip up I-44 and watch these guys race.  They whoosh past you pulling a vacuum when they are up to full speed which is somewhere around 30 mph.  It’s truly amazing.  Rarely can you get so close to professional athletes, much less our cycling heros.  Here’s the link to the Tour of Missouri website.    And keep in mind there are only three major professional bicycle tours in the States.  We are really lucky to be so close.  The others are in California and Georgia.   Feel free to post photos if you want, Claire, you lucky dog.  She got to see them in K.C.  I always watch them zoom past at some country road.  One year a rural mail carrier and I watched them!

Leadville 100  Race Across the Sky

And I couldn’t help myself on this one.  Evidently a video company shot some at the Leadville 100 this year.  This on and off road  bicycle race is probably the most grueling one day race possible.  I can’t wait to see the finished film.  If you have the ability to watch the trailer, it’s worth 5 minutes as some of the shots are spectacular.  Plus it features my man, Lance.

 Future Events

Another local event…..

Pryor Fall Mud Run, September 26 at Pryor Creek Rec Center.  Time to Get Dirty…AGAIN!

Tulsa Fall Century, September 26 in Tulsa.  Sponsored by the Tulsa Bicycle Club….a tradition continues.

Dickens of a Ride, October 3 Claremore.  Lives up to its name, but it is scenic and the door prizes are great!

Cycle Fandango, October 17-18  Broken Arrow to Greenleaf State Park and back.  This new two-day event promises to be lots of fun.

Anyone interested in becoming an indoor cycling instructor?  See Hannah at the Pryor Rec Center 825-6909.  We can always use more cycling folks when the snowflakes fly.

 And here’s the quote for this post. Until next time, keep stroking out there.

 “Life is like a bicycle.  Most of us have gears we never use.”   Charles Schultz, Peanuts.