Okay PACErs…..

If you don’t think that bicycling to work is “worth” it, check out this calculator that determines how much your trip costs you per day. 


Okay….I live 1.5 miles from “the office,”  but I often make several trips a day.  So yesterday, I rode my bike three times to the P Creek Rec Center for a total of 9 miles.  At $1.36 per trip, I saved a whopping total of $4.08 cents. I racked up a small bit of mileage, I was “warmed up” when I got there, and I didn’t burn any fossil fuel.  Some days I can actually get there faster on my bike than by vehicle.   On the average week I will make 10 trips which is $13.60.  Multiple by a mere 42 weeks a year (if the weather cooperates), and I have $571.2 in my pocket (that I can spend on that Garmin 405 heart monitor GPS-enabled that I’ve been coveting!)  Gotta love rationalization.  Your savings is probably greater, which means you can buy the accessories that go with the Garmin 405 and donate them to me!

And with that in mind…check out Ryan VanDuzer who cycled across our great land on a New Belgium Brewery three-speed.  With support from Team WonderBike at New Belgium, he finished in D.C. raising money for Community Cycles, an NPO in Boulder that promotes cycling as transport.  http://ryanvanduzer.com/

And as Fat Tire is my brew of choice….here’s the Team WonderBike website.  Join in the fun.  It doesn’t cost anything!


Don’t forget Dickens of a Ride in Claremore this Saturday, October 3.  The weather will hopefully be great.  There are hills, but they are not that scary.  Have some fun and sign up.   The following information comes directly from the Whittaker’s at Bike About in Claremore.  It’s a great ride! 

Mark your calendars for October 3rd, 2009 for a great day of food and fun.

The projected forecast is for 70 degrees – perfect for a wonderful ride through low trafficked scenic country roads, past lakes and sweeping vistas in lovely Green Country.

-6:30 am Gazebo Park Registration and packet pickup begins.

-Pancake Breakfast by the Masons.

-Routes of 30, 50, 60 and 100 miles with a family 6 mile loop.

-8:00 am mass start with Claremore Bicycle Patrol leading the start.  

-9:00am Children’s safety Rodeo at the Claremore Lake.

-Wonderful rest stops sponsored by QT and Gatorade (and goodies made by the volunteers).

-At the end of the ride enjoy visiting and having a barbeque lunch at Gazebo Park.

Come join us for a wonderful day of good old fashion fun and food.

Registration and more information: http://www.downtownclaremore.org/

Jane, Rebecca and I went to Claremore Sunday to “study the hills” for Rebecca prior to the Dickens ride.  She feels confident after our practice ride and it’s fun to ride near the lake…nice roads, few dogs, and some rolling hills so that you use all the gears.





Here’s Jane and Rebecca at Claremore Lake.  We had just toured the park and missed all the excitement evidently when three police cruisers came barrelling through the park.  We had observed four guys that kind of gave us the creeps by the lake, and sure enough, we saw the squad cars parked in that area later.   We were glad we missed the excitement. 

Cycle Fandango 

I found out this week that I can ride one day of the two at Cycle Fandango October 17 and 18.  All you have to do is contact Tammy at the Chamber of Commerce in Broken Arrow.  Click on the Contact Us link at the website below.   This is a first year event, but it sure looks like it could be fun.  I’ll miss the ride Saturday, but I’m camping with the crew on Saturday night in Greenleaf State Park and hitting the road on Sunday. 


Leadville 100 follow up  

The Race Across the Sky documentary about the Leadville 100 (featuring my man Lance) shows all over the U.S. for one evening only on October 22.  The nearest place to P Creek is the Cinemark out on 71st.  Here’s an interestingly huge address that they sent to my email about tickets.  I have purchased mine…can’t wait to see it.  If this link doesn’t work, try the simplier link.



Traci is Kona Bound

Traci and Justin Johnson are headed for Kona, Hawaii this week in preparation for Traci’s participation in the October 10 Ironman World Championships.  Our best wishes and positive thoughts will be with her very stroke, pedal and stride of her adventure.  A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for this Pryor Creek athlete, and she is excited and pumped.  Saw her today and she has the typical pre-race jitters.   We’re so proud of her and hope all goes well, and try to get some sleep 🙂

Universal Sports (a division of NBC) will have live coverage of Kona.  You can also follow along on the internet and cheer her on as the rest of us will. 

Redman Race Report

Glen Woods sent us this report on the Redman Ironman Tri help in Oklahoma City.  It’s a great description of what goes on during a race. 

Here is my race report that I posted on the TRIOKC message board.  2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run.  I finished in 16;23 and won a second place Clydesdale win.  David Wilkins finished in 13:50.

Up at 4:00 AM, I felt good. I had my PB on toast and a banana and headed to the race site. I checked in, got my chip, finished getting my bike ready then attended the FCA worship service. After the service, I headed back to transition and got my wetsuit on and headed towards the corral. Then the rain started. I was relieved when they decided to start the race an hour late. I had not realized how bad I wanted to race until I thought it might get called off.

The start gun went off and I started swimming. All through the swim, I never took a hit or kick. I ended up with a swim PR. David Willkins from Pryor was also racing and everytime I looked up during the swim I saw him. As I was coming out of the water I heard someone say “good swim Glen” and it was David coming out at the same time.

About a 5 minute transition I was out on the bike feeling great! I thought about backing off on the 1st loop, then said the heck with it, I am going to go for it. I kept on feeling great even though the cold rain kept coming down until about 80 miles. At 80 miles my legs started to hurt. I backed off a little, and missed my bike split goal by about 15 minutes.

I came off the bike and started the marathon, but my legs were so tight I could not run. I decided I would walk for a mile, then try to run. My legs loosened up, but I never had any power when I started running. I missed my marathon goal by a mile, but that did not matter.

Sharon and Cheyenne showed up about 6 after driving in from Cheyenne’s cross country meet in Joplin. I did not see them until about 9 because they started stuffing packets as soon as they got there. My training partner Traci Johnson showed up and cheered me on each loop of the run.

I finished about 12:30, picked up my stuff and headed to the hotel. By the time I ate, showered and went to bed it was 2:30. By 5:00 it was time to get up and head back to the race site with Cheyenne. When I got there I was surprised to see Sarah Bell there already working. She did the full, when was in charge of the run course the next day! Maybe I am not as tough as I thought?

Cheyenne had a good swim, a fair bike then a slow run. Her shins had not healed and she was still sore from her cross country meet the day before. I mean come on, A 16 hour day racing, volunteering, then waiting for me, 2 and a half hours sleep and she can not even turn a good run split? I think Kids are getting soft these days.

All in all it was a great weekend racing. I requested better weather, but I was blessed to spend the time with family and friends doing what I love to do.

Pryor Fever 5k and Mud Run

We got down and dirty Saturday in P Creek at the 2nd annual Pryor Fever 5k and Mud Run.   It’s a great 5k!  Terrific support.  TYA did a great job both participating and helping in the race.   High fives to Jessica Long and her race committee for a wonderful job.  They made Pryor look great….muddy, but great!   The 5k was timed, but mud races were not.  It’s hard to run fast through the gumbo that made Mayes County famous. 

Check out the 5k results….  You’ll recognize some names I’m sure.


Used MTBs for sale

If someone needs a couple of fairly sturdy MTB, my neighbors have some.  The Free Spirit Tailwind 26″ bikes were purchased at Sears in 2000.  Three chainrings and six in the cassette for 18 gears.  DNP Epoch6 derailleur, V-brakes, front shocks.  Ridden very little.  They would like $50 per bike.  Call Judy or Dave at 825-0022. 

Weather’s great…get out there and ride. 

Bicycle Quote………..

“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life. ”
Brian Tracy